The Photos from and about Grady Morris

Feb. 8, 2000

Dear Korat Webmaster,

My name is Michael Morris. I am the son of Col.Grady Morris, who served (to 
the best of my recollection) as Director of Operations for the 388th at Korat 
in 1969. He flew an F-4 with JV 288 on the tail. His call sign was "Gator" 
and there was a large alligator painted just aft of and below the cockpit. 

I have a dozen or so pictures of Dad at Korat, which includes some aerial 
photos, refueling photos, and pictures of his last mission celebration. My 
Dad passed away 4 years ago, and I've been researching his experiences in WW 
II, Korea, and Vietnam. I won't be able to identify the other people in the 
photos, but perhaps some of your people will know who they are.

If you have any interest in these photos, I'll send them to you for your website. 
Please let me know. I really enjoyed your website! 


Michael Grady Morris
Thank you, Michael for sharing your Dad with all of us!!!   

Bob Freitag - Webmaster

Click on photos to see larger image.

Col. Morris and friends at a "formal" affair. Photo contributed by James Wilkenson, and photo taken by Maj. Ollie Wicks (deceased) of the 469th

Col. Morris at his A/C

Col. Morris and Capt. Kawamoto pre-flight the A/C

Capt. Kawamoto does his walk around

The Col's bird - "Gator"

"Gator's" Crew Chief

Inspection of a extended fuse

Chaplain Walt Shealey at the arm area just prior to take-off

Chaplain Walt's ThumbsUp vest

JV288 Gator outbound to primary

Gator and wingman

Gator's wingman JV306

Gator gassing up #1

Gator gassing up #2

Gator gassing up #3

Cockpit view of the "Gas Station Attendant"

Pealing off on target run

A/C in the dearm area immediately after landing

"Gator's" arrival in the revetment

Traditional hosing after the last flight

469th Hq inside Fort Apache

Col. Grady Morris in front of Fort Apache

The Colonel's other mode of transportation

Lounging Area near Quarters