John Allen - Korat 70-73 388th MMS

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Sawadee Flyer Aug 27th, 1972

Cover of a Sawadee Flyer featuring the EB-66

My Sawadee Club card from 1972

Stock of 2000lb bombs

The crew that worked the 20MM and Rocket shop

The 20MM Shop

500lb bomb buildup

Banana Trees

Ban Kao Tong

Unloading a crate of fuses

CBU Buildup

This is a shot of all the village people
we rounded up to keep them safe
while we detonated the 500 pounders that landed
in their village as the result of a missed
safe drop.

Aftermath of a MK-82 500pounder

A Korat-based EB-66

Mk 82 fins on their way to buildup.

Installing the fins

The workhorse of the Flightline, the Tug.

An incendiary CBU

MMS breakroom

Napalm buildup

trailer of 2000lb bombs

Loaded Tug and Trailer


Sgt. Dockery at NKP sitting on a 15k bomb

Rice paddy

Pei Mei Ruins located not far from Korat

Ban Kao Tong village, where we detonated
unexploded bombs after an A/C
missed the Safe-Drop Zone

python skin

John Allen and his Python Skin

banana trees in Ban Kao Tong

Detonating Cord installation on Bomb

grass cutters in bomb dump

mekong river and Laos

Our hootch bar and bunker

My Hootch and House Girls

Rice Chaff Separator

Ban Cao Tong GIs and Poochais

Ban Cao Tong Pooyings

Ban Chao Tong Deknoi

Ban Chao Tong Mk82 Entry Hole

Ban Chao Tong Monkey And Cat

Ban Chao Tong Villagers

Some more residents of Ban Cao Tong.

Gossip Time in the Rice Paddy

Little Pooyings

Diggers at Ban Cao Tong

Ban Cao Tong Digger

Ban Cao Tong Red

Lunch time at Ban Cao Tong

Babys Pet Parrot

Monk In Rice Paddy at Ban Cao Tong

John And Red On Blast Rubble Pile - Mk82

Mk82 Blasted Tree Into Tree

Poisonus Centipede

20MM shipment

500pounders ready for pre-load

Pallet Of Nose Fuzes

20MM shipment

Anyplace Korat

EC-121 at Korat

Philips And Lucas Checkers

Hendrix Checkers

Tractor Missle and Jammer