The Photos of Frank Erk

388th CES - 9/66 to 9/67
- diesel generator maintenance -

I was stationed in Korat - worked in the 388th Civil Engineering Squadron - ground power (Sgt. Main comes to mind;-) - everything to do with diesel generators - except the new power plant (4 1000KW generators I believe - just coming on-line at the time). Among the 1st wave of Airman 2nds - so we were told, 19yrs old and what a new experience this was. All photos take with a Petri 7S split lens reflex. Unfortunately it was stolen before I left country - but replaced it with an Asahi Pentax SLR - once I got to Kashiwa, Japan (67-68). Following Japan, went to the 1st MOB at Clark for over a year - with TDYs back to Thailand, Laos, Korea, and some additional leave - throught out Asia. I plan to add some more pics, scanned from slides - some Korat, Bangkok, P-loke, Lom Sak, Udorn, Mekong river north of Udorn, and elsewhere - all taken between during my AF career (66-70).

Hope you enjoy. Cheers, Frank ( fje1946 at gmail dot com )