The Photos of MSgt Ed Gosselin
         VMFA(AW)-224 Maint Chief
         Unit 78530       May 2007 

In May 2007, I received the following email (edited):

My name is Ed Gosselin, I am a Master Sergeant on active duty in the Marine Corps, currently deployed to Korat RTAFB for Exercise Cobra Gold 2007. I found your website through a Google search for "Korat Vietnam USAF" and have enjoyed seeing the pictures of the base as it was then. Rick Reedy, a contributor to your site, found the guest book entry I left and suggested that I take some new pictures of Korat RTAFB and submit them to you.
I've taken some pictures from around the base and tried to match the angle to some of the pictures that appear on your website. The attached picture emulates the picture of the square water tower linked from your active map. 
I look forward to hearing from you.
MSgt Ed Gosselin
VMFA(AW)-224 Maint Chief
Unit 78530


So what we have here is a series of pages with the photo from the original sender with the photo from Sgt. Gosselin taken in May 2007.  Where possible, I have tried to keep the photo sizes comparable to allow easier comparison.  If only the original photos had the resolution and clarity of Ed's 2007 photos! - Bob Freitag


Archeological Evidence - Graffiti, pavement markings, and relics/reminders

Miscellaneous Current (2007) Photos

"Some pictures I've taken around the base that do not correspond directly to any on your website. Some of these may be of the same buildings in other pictures but from different angles." - Ed Gosselin

Current Operations

"Photos of US aircraft and some current Thai aircraft operating during Exercise Cobra Gold 2007"