The Photos of Jim Green

The Photos from Jim Green

Korat 65-66, Load Crew Chief,F-105,13th TFS

Korat 74-75, Gunner, AC-130, 16th SOS

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The pilots assigned to the 13th TFS in 1966

A "D" model taxiing back from the dearm area following a strike mission in Aug 65

A shot from the edge of the 65 ramp before everything was concrete and revetments.

A centerline MER full of M-117s taken in 1966.

A view of the hootch area with the boardwalk leading to them.

The base viewed thru a C-130 window on one of my trips from Kadena in 1965.

Some F-4Cs located at Korat in late 65.

The base theater in 65. Used for Commanders Call by our TDY outfits.

The BX and Airmans Club from 1965.

An AGM-45 Shrike on a Wild Weasal acft.

A 100 mission pilot being congratulated by Lt Col Baughn, 13th TFS Commander

Another 100 missions completed. Lt Catren is the name on canopy sill.

More of the group congratulating each other on completing 100 missions.

More of the 100 mission group.

The Chow Hall of 1965.

The Lucky Seven, 1965.

Leaflet removed from one of the many M-129 Leaflet Bombs loaded on the Thud.

Added Feb. 25, 2001

Home Sweet Home before the two story barracks were constructed.

Korat's New Barracks in 1966.

The swimming pool in it's infancy - 1965.

The crews of all ten aircraft completed their 100th Mission in this May 1966 photo. There was some celebrating that day! .

More 100 Missions Completed - truck 'n trailer parade.

More 100 Mission stuff.

The Flag is up at the 1975 Mail Room.

This was taken on Okinawa during the time we were pulling TDYs to Korat in 65-66. In early 66 many of these guys would be assigned PCA to the 13 TFS at Korat.

A view of the Thai ramp in 1965.

These used to seranade us every day while trying to sleep following a night shift. The sound of the engines revving and shutting down will never be forgotten.

An aerial view of Korat base taken from a C-130 delivering us TDY from Okinawa in 65.

The USO Club was added after my earlier tour. Always a good place to spend some time and relax. - 1975

A downtown sight familiar to many of us. Also used to go from the base to town and back.

Korat - 1965 This is how the ramp appeared.

SSgt Charles Thompson doing some shopping in downtown Korat. 1965 .

Familiar sight most anywhere downtown.