Ron Honig - Korat - Ron Honig 388th MMS 1/73 to 6/74

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Keith Hansen, a bottle of Mekong, and Donny Brock in the hootch area.

The MMS hootches

Ron Honig points out his new 3rd stripe at Korat!

a small island off Pattaya that seemed to be a standard stop for those that went out in a boat. The restaurant on the beach would cook your catch if you fished or they had fresh live crab they would cook whole and give you a wood slab and a wooden mallet to smash it open.

Ruins of the Ancient Capitol at Ayudhya '73.

Downtown Bangkok '73

Emerald Buddah Wat in Bangkok

Roadside Buddah located in between Korat and Bangkok, the bus would stop on the way at refreshment stands by the road with this Buddah in the background

Wat Po Bangkok '72

Yahk (spirit guard) with ring is maybe at the Emerald Buddah in Bangkok