The Photos of John B Kobberstad

1998 Communications Squadron

March 1972 - March 1973

Served at Korat during March 1972 thru March 1973. Was a computer maintenance AF Sgt at the Army base next door. Remember having to drive the 29 passenger 15bus to shuttle the guys and myself to and from the building on the Army base that housed the communications computer that routed traffic through it. Remember the cage just outside that held a small monkey captive inside it. We'd take our breaks outside sometimes in the heat and just watch that crazy monkey like we were at a zoo. Also remember running into a civilian (who I went to tech school with at Fort Monmouth Army base for six months prior to going to Korat) in a bar in Bangkok on New Years Eve (December 31, 1972) he was on R&R from another computer site in Vietnam where he was working as a computer maint tech and I was off for 2 1/2 days between my 7AM - 7PM 24hrs off 7PM - 7AM 2 1/2 days off. Didn't really get a chance to meet many people other than the ones I worked with. Also remember a concert on base under the parachute canopies. I thought it was wonderful even took some pictures and developed them myself on the base photo hobby shop. Spent some time also at the club feeding the slot machines which seemed to love to take my nickles and dimes. Loved the chow at the army mess right next door to the comm site and loved the Thai food!!  What a meal you could get for a few baht.