Korat's Wall

Are you aware that Korat has a "Wall"?

I'm sure that most of us who have spent time at Korat remember the Wat (Temple) and Crematorium that is located a block or so from the Sripatana Hotel. The Temple is called Wat Po (not the same Wat Po as the Bangkok Wat). On the Temple grounds there is a wall which is located not far from the Crematorium. The "Wall" displays photographs of Farlangs (mostly Americans) who made the decision to remain at Korat and live their lives there. They are the Farlangs that have passed away while living in Korat. All were cremated there and their photographs are now displayed on this Wall.

It is said that the "Wall" faces the United States of America so that they may all look in that direction.

If you are fortunate enough to visit Korat again someday PLEASE visit the "Wall" at Wat Po and pay your respects.

Choke Dee Khrap,

Dan Massola

Photos (October 2001)