The Photos of Woodrow "Woody" McGee

6234th (Air Base Squadron, then Combat Support Group, then Tac Fighter Wing)


Early Korat “point of view” from Woodrow "Woody" R. McGee, initially assigned to the 6234th Air Base Squadron. Then shortly thereafter, to the 6234th Combat Support Group, 6234th Tactical Fighter Wing (Provisional), Colonel William D Ritchie, Jr., Commanding.  We were under the 7th Air Force, Ton Son Nhut until the Fall of 65, then became part 13th Air Force, Clark when “Whip” Wilson became Commander. Many stories unfold, but for now the shared pictures of my 12 months.


The opening of the rear door of the C-123 after landing at Korat from Don Mueang, was like a stepping back into the WWII movie, "Flying Tigers." Short scrubby jungle between the runway and the tarmac; some aircraft parked on PSP; and hootches for maintenance facilities.  The barbed wire quarters compound was 1/4-1/2 mile away. The total space, including field kitchen set-up, dining hall, dispensary, clubs, xchange, boarded sidewalks (if any), supply and admin support buildings, two holers, water storage towers for "the" gravity fed out door shower and just like the flight line....hootches with field cots to sleep on.... was not more than 100 square yards.  Oh, we did get a foot locker, mosquito netting, sheets, pillow with case, and a wool blanket.  Kept the wool blanket at the foot of the cot over the mosquito netting support to keep the rain off.  It was within the first couple of weeks "in country," I wrote Gerry and told her to remind me when I came home, we weren't camping any more. She reminds me, till this day, about that letter.


Woodrow "Woody" R. McGee

Master Sergeant

United States Air Force (Retired)