Air Force "Carrier Landings?"

Courtesy of Tom Pirkle

Here's a series of photos of a 34th TFS pilots' "hairy buffalo" party where they practice "carrier landings". The Navy pilots always razzed the AF pilots because AF pilots never had to do carrier landings. Well, the AF pilots did practice carrier landings at their hootches. They put Visqueen plastic sheeting over a picnic table, dug a mud hole, and wet the plastic with water. They then used the hose to "hook" the pilots when they ran at the table, slid over the table, and raised their legs up to catch the hose, and thus, make a carrier landing. But most of the time the pilots holding the hose lifted it at the worst time and the pilots slid into the "sea" of mud. This is early 1971. I took these pictures while hiding behind some banana trees, hoping that they would not see the flash of the camera and introduce me to the mud hole.

hb-1.jpg hb-2.jpg hb-3.jpg hb-4.jpg hb-5.jpg hb-6.jpg