In Memory of Maj. Vincent A. Scungio

MIA November 4, 1966

By his son Vincent Scungio Jr.

Memories of the 13th TFS Wild Weasels

Wild Weasels on the Korat flightline 1966
A little history: when their unit got to Korat they were "Detachment 1", attached to the 388th TFW.  A few weeks after arriving, they were recommissioned the 13th Tactical Fighter Squadron. The 13th TFS was also active during WW2 & Korea but deactivated after each war.
When my Dad & his Pilot arrived they started flying their first missions into North Viet Nam 3 days later.
And the first few missions were flown with the crew that got the First Sam Site Kill 22, Dec. 1965. Capt. Allen Lamb (Pilot), WW #16, and Capt. Jack Donovan (EWO), WW #15 in their F-100F # 58-1226, Call sign "Spruce 5" There is a painting depicting their first kill by Aviation Artist "Keith Ferris" called "First In".
This patch is the Wild Weasel Patch 5".  It was given to all Wild Weasel 3 crews that flew in the F-105F & G models.  I'm not sure the F4 Wild Weasels got the same patch.
"Cave Putorium"
For Those Who Fought For It, Freedom Has A Flavor The Protected Will Never Know! Freedom Is Not Free! I Know First Hand! I'm the son of USAF Major Vincent A. Scungio, Wild Weasel #99 Missing In Action 4, Nov. 1966. Route Pac Vl-A, near Kep Air Field, North Viet Nam. In an F-105F Wild Weasel aircraft, serial#63-8273. Better known as the "Thunderchief" or "Thud".  He was flying out of Korat, Thailand in the 13th Tactical Fighter Squadron, "The Panther Pack", attached to the 388th Tactical Fighter Wing. They were Hunter-Killer Missions searching out SAM sites and destroying them. "First In Last Out"
13 TFS Operations
Vince Scungio in front of hootch