Photos and Momentos from Bill Stolte


Karl Richter - Fred Tracy 100th Mission Group Photo

This photo taken to commemorate the occasion of the 100th missions of Fred Tracy(front row, standing, 7th from the left) and Karl Richter(front row, standing, 3rd from the right).  Bill Stolte is last guy seated on the wing of the F-105 on the right. 

421st TFS

A/C on right is the F-105 that Lt. Richter was flying when he got his MIG kill.

A/C on the left is the F-105 that Lt. Richter was flying on his final mission.  It was the main A/C of Ed Rasimus at the time the photo was taken (the Bat Bird).
Photo submitted by Shane Stolte (son of Bill) February 2010

F-105D at de-arm.
Linda Lou
Lil Bunny
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(Above) Front and back of a "business card" given to Bill Stolte by Capt. Burney.

(Below) Front of a card from "Mo" Seaver.

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421st TFS - 13 October 1966

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