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- A page honoring 1LT Karl Richter. When he shot down a MIG, he was the youngest pilot to do so. We gave Korat's LT Karl W. Richter Memorial VFW Post a framed version of the page.


Flying an F-105D out of Korat RTAFB, 1LT Karl W. Richter was the youngest pilot to down an North Vietnamese aircraft (a MIG-17). Richter, a highly respected flyer and warrior was on his 198th combat mission when his aircraft was hit by AAA fire. He safely ejected, but he suffered fatal injuries upon landing. 1LT Richter, a graduate of the Air Force Academy, was a native of Holly, Michigan. This statue of Richter stands at the Air University, Maxwell AFB, Alabama. -US Air Force Photo


A view of the Sripatana area. The place where Dan Massola knows the Starlight used to be is at #3. In the #1 area there used to be one or two bars. One was the 'White Rose' (or 'New White Rose').



Dan pouring the 'King of Beers'.


Singha beer under a high power microscope (from a website I found using 'Singha Beer' on the Google Search Engine).