The Photos of David R. Worthen

388th Security Police Squadron "Tiger Flight" 1972-1973

Here a few photos that were taken at Korat early 1973. I was stationed at Korat 1972-73, 388th Security Police Squadron "Tiger Flight", and worked in the Mortar Section in FDC, (Fire Direction Center.) I loved my time at Korat and would like to hear from anyone that was there and remembers me. Over the years I've been in contact with Sim Artice, Steve Cibo and Steven Masters but would also like to hear from others. (my email address is on my Guestbook entry)

When I arrived at Korat they didn't have a mortar section. The squadron picked some of us to go to NKP and be trained by a SSgt "Pappy" Trusch. After training we returned to Korat and had to build our mortar pits. We walked the perimeter of the base measuring the distances for each shot to insure that no trash from the rounds would drop on any of our defensive position.

I have lots of great stories of some of the characters that I met while there. My Flight Chief was MSgt Robert E Lee Griffin, Tampa Florida last contact, and he's the one that had the large black Tiger Flight flag made. It flew in front of CSC at night and had the letters F.I.J.F.I. and a Thai translation under it. FIJFI stands for Fuck It Just Fuck It.

We had our resident snake collector and expert, SSgt Marion Ross. Ross was fearless when dealing with snakes. He once pulled a 12 foot Cat Cobra out of the sand bags on one of our bunkers. We captured a Python on one occasion. We placed it in a wooden foot locker. Drilled a few air holes in it. We stenciled "SPORTY" on the top of the foot locker and put it in SMSgt Supersons' office. He was superintendent of Security Police and would call everyone "Sporty" in a thick German/Dutch accent. I would like to hear from anyone else that worked in the mortar section. I'm bad with first names but remember last names pretty vivid.

SSgt Chuck Heneke---Wyoming

SSgt Smith-----From Massachusetts Smitty had several tour in Thailand at different bases. I remember seeing him briefly working Security at the Beau Rivage Casino in Biloxi MS. Unfortunately duty called him away from our encounter and a never made contact again before leaving the casino. When hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast he may have relocated to another part of the country.

Sgt Stillwell---parts unknown

SSgt Terrence, "T.C." Brown----Ohio I believe